Pastor Jeff and Kathlene Backer
Dr. Jeff Backer is a sought out speaker and the Senior Pastor of Great Faith Church. He
has a mandate to reach Rockwall and the world. He ministers a message of faith, hope
and God's love. Jeff, a former actor in Hollywood who acted in movies, TV shows, commercials and voiceovers for Disney, went on to minister on his own Christian TV program called "Faith to Faith".  He and his wife, Kathlene have also been regular guest hosts on the "Praise the Lord" program on TBN in Tulsa and on the "Promiseland live" program on PTN in Dallas.  Jeff has been seen internationally on TBN, JCTV, Daystar, Lesea, Golden Eagle Broadcasting, VTN, TCT, GLC, PTN and heard on Christian radio.  After attaining a degree in Biblical studies in the 1980's at CFNI , he and his wife Kathlene went on to pastor. Since then, Jeff has also earned a Master's degree of Theology and Doctorate -PhD. Jeff also worked for Kenneth Copeland Ministries.  In 1991, he went into the itinerate ministry, He is ordained by Dr. Jerry Savelle -Heritage of Faith Ministerial Association and was a director for ICFM. Jeff has ministered in conferences with Jerry Savelle, Creflo Dollar, Fred Price, Fred Price jr., Jesse Duplantis, Bill Winston, Miles Monroe, Keith Moore etc.  Jeff has great faith for miracles, everything from crippled legs to cancer have been healed by the power of God in his meetings!  He teaches the Word of God with a deep insight to the covenant promises we have in Jesus Christ, with a lighthearted style that keeps your attention, as he encourages the faith of the believer to great things in God!  Jeff's wife and two daughters, Andrea and Amy had their own ministry called "Kid’s Force".  They ministered in children’s meetings all over America!  They have ministered at Kenneth Copeland’s Believers’ Convention, as well as the "International Convention of Faith Ministries" Convention. Now, Amy leads the praise and worship team and heads up "Great Faith Kids" Childrens Church. Andrea and her husband Brunno are on staff at Family Life Church in Gainesville, TX. Jeff and Kathlene reside in Rockwall, TX.
We love you and want to encourage you to great things in God! -Pastor Jeff and Kathlene 

Dr. Jeff Backer PhD